Empaval founded in 1981, is a company specialized in cultivating, packaging and marketing high quality fruit and vegetable products, supervised and controlled by qualified professionals, from its place of production.
Our products strictly comply with the laws and health regulations in force and reach the final point of sale with all the freshness and quality demanded by the consumer.

Our Commitment

Commitment with

Our control of production and our packaging processes minimize the environmental impact.
This solar energy allows to generate 37% of the electrical power supply necessary to the manufacturing process.

Quality and safety

Immediate transportation to our facilities, with the aim of guaranteeing a fresh product. Control of each field game to have a correct traceability.

Satisfaction of our customers

We anticipate your needs without losing sight of innovation, excellence and food safety.

Continuous improvement of Quality Management

Our safe and efficient process guarantees a fresh product that preserves its properties to the maximum.


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